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Hataken Co.,Ltd. has enhanced its fine processing technology to the ultimate level and contributed greatly to the industry by grinding fine components, ceramic, glass, nickel alloyed metal, and other difficult materials since the business was founded. Most of all, the grinding machine's average processing accuracy is 0.001mm, however, Hataken technology has already achieved high precision processing of 0.0001mm which cannot be achieved by other competitors. Whithout being satisfied with the current technology, we always continue to pursuit new possibilities to the ultimate level in order to provide fine technologies. This spirit of challenge has produced an excellent new development in grinding materials for optical communication components as well as automotive, bearing, and electronics.


Providing multi-channel v-grooves which maintain high accuracy positioning for optical fiber to be
used for splitter and fusion splicing.

 Fiber Array

Providing fiber arrays which are composed of optical fiber code and v-groove.They configure in and

out of splitter products.

 High Density Optical Interconnection System

Providing optical interconnection system for information and telecommunication with the splitter / filter module.

 Ceramic Parts Manufacturing

Origin of Hataken Processing Technology
Development and manufacturing of ceramic components based on the miniaturization, multi-function, and high
speed of each equipment.
Development and manufacturing of heat-resistant and unworn components by utilizing ceramic characteristics.

 Specialty metal and steel alloys processing

Hataken can fabricate soft material (alloys of aluminum,copper), hard material (alloys of nickel and titanium), and other difficult material such as steel alloyed metal. Our degree of precision is extremely high and we are the cutting edge in high-precision processing technology.

 Hataken continues to inspire fine technologies with provident vision-'We are Hataken'.

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